I Love Kickboxing Silverdale 10-09 9:30 Class
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I Love Kickboxing

In my last post, I talked about taking compassionate action in the face of life’s downs. I’ve been so down on myself lately for the choices I made to put my physical self last in favor of keeping “sane” in the face of finishing one graduate degree and starting another, raising my 3 kids solo while my husband was working across the world, and starting a new business (actually two). I knew it would eventually get the best of me.  The result of not watching everything I ate and making sure I got up and moved every day at first was sanity in a challenging period of my life, but it eventually turned into feelings of disappointment and unhappiness with myself. The well felt deep for a while, but I could still see a light.

The major differences between where I am now in my life and where I was less than a decade ago are the knowing that I can change my body with hard work and time (and being okay with both), and the commitment to the idea that sometimes even a temporary happiness is more important than risking sanity for certainty. But still, I needed to find a way to get back into balance in my life and running was not cutting it for me anymore.

As my school time comes to a close, our family is settled in our new home, and my businesses are taking shape, it is time for me to find a way to push myself back into fitness, and, thanks to my friend and former Navy colleague, Jonas, I found a way to do it that I LOVE.

It’s been almost 2 weeks since I took my first I Love Kickboxing class and signed up for membership and I could not be happier. I missed running with my Stroller Warriors group and my military spouse friends in Hawaii and needed the energy of a group to push me in a new direction.  The workout I get at ILKB is insane. My whole body puts in work, my mind is challenged with the ways they change up the sequences in each workout segment, and the energy of the people around me every single class is contagious.

I finished my 8th workout today (I got my husband to join last week, too!) and I can honestly say I look forward to going every time. It’s been difficult (which is what I want!), and it’s the perfect combination of group exercise and individual effort. You get the energy and camaraderie of a group and the motivation of a trainer with their amazing instructors, but you also get the space to focus like you would if you were going for a run on your own. I’m not looking at numbers on the scale for signs of progress (although it was nice to see 3 pounds disappear in less than a week). I’m watching how I look, being attentive to how I feel, and most of all, thinking about how much stronger I get with each burpee, punch, and kick. I could not be more thrilled to have found a new tribe and I look forward to writing about my adventures in kickboxing fitness with you here!

Got questions for an ILKB newbie? Send me a message or comment!

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