Fabulous Friday

Fabulous Friday: Trucker Hats and Victory Tanks

This week did not fly by – it was long and stressful and I’m glad it’s almost history. There I said it. So what better way to celebrate a return to some normalcy and my sexy husband’s 33rd birthday than with a Fabulous Friday post? Well, I don’t mind if I do.

As most of my running girlfriends will attest to, what you wear on your runs (or hikes or bike rides or walks) is important, with comfort, in my opinion, being number one. Chafing, sweating, tugging, all of that nonsense is a (sometimes) painful distraction from just enjoying your activity.  It’s also become important for me to bring my own sense of style and some elements to the road that make me feel joyful when I’m out there sweating my okole off in the beautiful island sun. Just like smiling when you run can change your whole mood in an instant, remembering you’re wearing vibrant colors and a pua (flower) in your hair can make all the difference. Trivial as it may seem, if what you’re wearing makes you comfy and happy, you’re more likely to have a good race or workout.

Though I have tried and occasionally sport different brands of workout attire, none have been a consistent favorite for me more than Under Armour. I own a range of UA items from jackets to capris to tees, but my favorite are their Victory Tanks. They come in so many great colors and are often on sale in the UA outlet or on Zulily. Military exchanges also carry the brand at great prices! Other than color, comfort, and coolness of the fabric, my favorite features of Victory Tanks are the fit and the cut. Racerback, fitted to the body, and most importantly for me and my confidence, they’re cut long. I have an obscenely short torso and I find these tanks to cover me well so I look more proportionate which makes me feel comfortable out there.

My other Fabulous Friday must have are trucker hats. The sun is so hot and marvelous here that wearing headbands just wasn’t cutting it for me. My head looks strange in visors sometimes and the nice light weight running hats also don’t look great on me. A former neighbor of mine, Jennifer, posted a photo of her wearing a trucker hat that featured the art of local artist Colleen Wilcox, and I instantly fell in love. Trucker hats are a great active, local style and as it turns out are wonderful running gear because most of your head stays cool and you enjoy the benefit of some marvelous shade.

My collection of favorites grew slowly until one evening I went to the Honolulu Night Market to pick up a hat I won from local company VHO7V and a bag I bought from another favorite, Genuine Guava. On the way in was a table full of gorgeous trucker hats and I so completely fell in love. Noe from Le’ale’a Designs not only makes beautiful one of a kind hats using amazing fabrics, but like all of my favorite local makers and artists, she treats her customers so kindly and has a wonderful heart.

In an era where we can have just about anything manufactured cheaply overseas, often at the cost of proper working conditions for the laborers, it is so important for us all, in my opinion, to buy goods made locally when possible to support our local economy and encourage the return of small shops and manufacturing right here at home. Shopping small is fabulous!

So what’s your favorite must have gear when you’re out there doing what you love? Comment, post, tweet, share! I’d love to hear from you!

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