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Fabulous Friday: Social Stationery

Happy Aloha Friday!

I had a great run this morning (and yesterday as a matter of fact). Feeling speedy and strong, dropped a few pounds on the scale this week, I can’t complain. I’m confident small changes and consistency over the next few weeks will really make a difference in my body and my performance.

Now, on to something equally fun. Okay, maybe more fun than waking up early to go for a run when I just wanted to go back to bed…

Since I’ve been sharing more of my random likes and loves on Instagram, I thought I’d push myself to write a regular blog post each Friday to share something FABULOUS. It makes me happy to talk about the things I love and I hope you enjoy these posts, too.

The star of my very first #fabfriday: Social Stationery.

Confession: I have a *slight* obsession with cards, stationery and personal calling cards. This is COMPLETELY inherited from my mother. Hallmark must have loved her (so. many. cards!) and I loved her for always having that “emergency” card for last minute events. I keep a ‘card box’ for my occasion cards because of Mom 🙂


For Christmas, I received some fantastic notecards from my wonderful friend Candice and very special stationery from our family friends, the Myers. To receive notecards of David’s paintings was really meaningful. I love how thoughtful our friends are!

Christmas Stationery

One of the great things about working for the military or being part of a military family is that we often receive beautiful handwritten notes on crisp linen stationery. A few weeks after my husband and I started dating, he left this note on my desk – handwritten on traditional, gorgeous officer note paper. When he was deployed, he left me notes on monogrammed note cards, too. *SWOON*. It’s so rare to receive handwritten notes these days and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate receiving them.


I also love to send correspondence in the mail written on personal stationery. I’ve had great luck with VistaPrint making inexpensive custom note cards, but the trick is always making sure you choose a finish and paper that really makes the design pop and the user feel like you’re sending something of significance. These cards aren’t fancy, but they make great informal personal notecards.


Minted.com* is another great resource for social stationery and I have to say, the cards they have on their site could not be cuter. They have an instant feel of “personal touch” and the BONUS is their site features designs by independent artists – what a great way to #shopsmall AND get beautiful custom stationery. I’m clearly partial to anchors and I LOVE the Whimsical Kelp collection they feature by artist Trista Sydloski. They have several wedding collections, but you can certainly order thank you cards and their note cards for any occasion. Speaking of weddings, one of the newer features on the site are save the date cards. Again, you can use these for other occasions like baby’s first luau, big celebrations that require people to plan ahead, or destination/vacation family reunions. The designs are modern, fun and adorable! Case in point…



So there you have it – my first #fabfriday post. Can’t wait to write again about more fabulous things. It just makes me happy 🙂

*Disclosure: Minted.com contacted me about writing a review of their site/products in exchange for shopping credits – regardless of my opinion. Of course, being the smart people they are, they took the time to assess that I’d love their products so I happily obliged. I will NEVER promote a site, service or product on my blog that I don’t absolutely love, whether the opinion is solicited or not, however I think it is important for you to know when I am ‘rewarded’ for sharing my thoughts. The links to their site are NOT affiliate links. I will also let you know when/if I ever insert those in my post. I appreciate the opportunity to share my opinions on things I already love.

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  • Reply rodelcasio January 9, 2015 at 11:10

    This is fabulous! I am thinking of doing calligraphic empowerment cards! =D

    • Reply Jamie January 12, 2015 at 22:26

      I think that’s WONDERFUL, Rodel! When you do, let me know how to get them!

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