A Mothers’ Day Poem

A Mothers’ Day Poem
by Jamie Muskopf

While my daughter spat out her baby food,
and my toddler son whimpered on my knee,
I thought about being a Mother,
And what it all meant to me.

They were thoughts best kept to myself, I said,
Lest I suffer a tragic modern fate:
A flogging from my virtual network,
Once I shared “one of THOSE” status updates.

Today is Mothers’ Day after all,
It’s a day to celebrate moms in all forms,
Not talk about the valleys and heartaches,
or the truths of our motherhood norms.

No, today’s not about our grumbles,
It’s a flower filled nod to our strides,
So I chose to give this shout out to motherhood instead
and the insights being a Mom provides.

Like that motherhood itself is NOT a right,
It’s a privilege each and every wondrous day,
Children are truly gifts in our lives –
Gifts given and sometimes taken away.

If taken, their gift was their presence,
No matter how short or how long.
We forever know the joy of life’s deepest, truest love,
We forever wear the title of Mom.

To give birth does not make you a Mom,
Despite the TV shows and commercialized hype,
Whether a child comes through you or TO you,
It’s in LOVING them that you earn your stripes.

Mothers don’t always live with you,
They may find you on the street, at work or school,
They’re the women who put YOU before themselves,
So you live like a champion, not a fool.

As I’ve grown I’ve learned Moms aren’t all women,
They are men who raise children alone, too,
By themselves braiding hair, giving baths,
carpooling to practice, and kissing boo boos.

Yep, I’ve learned a few things about life
from being a Mom and by being mothered, too –
like how to appreciate my valleys and heartaches
by celebrating ALL mothers – like you!

Happy Mothers’ Day, Friends!

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