All I Want for Christmas

My son, Miles, and his singing, dancing, snowmen friends.

Somewhere in my mid to late 20s I lost some love for Christmas.  I assert the same gripes as everyone else about the holiday – it comes too early, people have forgotten its real meaning, it’s over done, too commercialized, and with all the terrible things that seem to happen by way of family feuds, suicides and drunk driving (cheery, I know), it often seems like a terrible way to end what might have been an otherwise stellar year.  STILL, I love Christmas for what it is to Christians and pagans alike – a time to celebrate with family and friends, a time to make your home more cozy and inviting, to take a break from work, hopefully, and enjoy thoughtful gifts from your loved ones.  It’s a time filled with magical moments for the children in your life whose eyes light up at the sights and sounds of Christmas on display.  My children are no exception.

This will be my first Christmas as a runner, and the first Christmas where I am healthfully conscious of (not guilt laden and in agony over) what food will be on my table, what I will consume, and how much more I might need to run to counteract the goodies I will indulge in every now and then.  My husband, who has lived apart from us for the last year, will be home (we’re so close to him being home for good!), and I look forward to firing up the jogging stroller and going on runs with him in the mornings or evenings, whenever the mood strikes us.  So far, this Christmas is sounding pretty good to me though I’ve been REALLY bad about sticking to my running plan.  Life is getting in the way but I need to make time for me, that’s all there is to it.

I don’t usually focus too much of getting things for myself during the holidays since I’m much more content making sure the boys in my life get the things on their wish lists, but this year, I had a running wish list that I sent to Santa and I thought I’d share some of the early Christmas gifts my running Santa is bringing me for finishing my first few 5Ks, my first 10K and training for the Great Aloha Run and the Wahine Diva’s Half Marathon.  All of these items were ordered from – they had a GREAT sale going on that I could not pass up.

There’s a great deal happening through if you’re interested in ordering from Running Skirts. The deal is good through 12/21/11 — you get 40% OFF items on this page For free shipping to the continental US, enter the code SKIRTSCHWAG.

So, what’s on your runners’ Christmas list?


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