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The Field -

This amazing feeling always seems to overwhelm me when I come across an open field.  It’s like that feeling of smallness you might feel when you stare at the ocean for the first time or lay under the stars on a clear night.  To me, an open field is freedom – a wide open space that leaves room for the possibilities of life.  Today, I went for a run around my favorite open field – a flat .5 mile paved track that’s great to push the stroller around and is usually free from distractions in the early morning or late afternoon when the sun paints the grass and the trees with this beautiful dusky glow.  Today is the last day of my AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge and I feel incredible. I have been taking a product called O2 Gold (which they refer to as “a third lung”) and I can’t tell you how well it has worked for me and how much easier it is for me to run without stopping. It has made running much more physically enjoyable.

As I started to run out on the track, I noticed that I smile uncontrollably when I start to run. I probably look like a crazy person come to think of it, but I smile none the less because I feel so deeply that feeling of freedom take over.  I breathe deeply and say a short prayer of thanks for the ability to move and breathe and be alive. This evening as I reflect on that moment, I wonder how many days of my life have gone by where I haven’t been thankful, when I haven’t taken even a few seconds to be grateful for being among the living, and how running has changed all of that in my life.  When I run, I appreciate the wide open spaces of the world, and I feel so connected to them.  I feel so brilliantly alive.

There are many things that motivate me to run – my health, my children, my husband – but the greatest motivation is this connectedness I feel to everything around me and this opportunity to become more self aware.  No matter how imperfect I am or what I might have felt about myself earlier in the day, it all goes away when I run in those wide open spaces.

What makes YOU want to get out there and run?  What are YOUR favorite wide open spaces?

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