Like J-Hud on Oprah

Some of you may have seen the episode of Oprah earlier this year where she interviewed singer, Academy Award winning actress and Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jennifer Hudson.  Her amazing transformation from a size 16 to a size 6 was something Oprah wanted to discuss in FULL detail – specifically Ms. Winfrey wanted “J-Hud” to reveal how many pounds she had lost in the process.  Oprah wanted NUMBERS! This is where the show got awkward (if you watched Oprah the After Show later, you understood why O was being a big pain in the A).

The woman from Weight Watchers who was there helping J-Hud through the interview was pretty ademant about NOT revealing the number of pounds she lost because they don’t focus on numbers.  Oprah continued to press, insisting on getting that number, and when push came to shove, Oprah got her way (big shock), with J-Hud revealing a weight loss of 80 pounds.  80 pounds – pretty amazing.

Where in the book of how to be a lady did it tell us not to reveal numbers like our age, our dress size or our weight?  Why are we so fearful of talking about those numbers?  And why are we so drawn to shows like “The Biggest Loser” where not only do people lug themselves onto industrial sized scales for millions of people to see, but they do so in less clothing than I’d care to wear on TV, jelly rolls and all?  I think we watch because they are facing what most of ‘us’ fear and there’s a little part of us that wishes we were as courageous as J-Hud or the latest crew of Biggest Loser contestants.

When I decided to publish this blog, I did so knowing that at some point I would have to reveal those embarassing numbers (which I’ve never done in my life), but again, the point here is to Do Different.  I won’t lie and tell you I’m looking forward to it – I am completely terrified – but I think the fear is less about you knowing the numbers and more about ME FACING the numbers. 

Yesterday, I started a great eating program challenge that I’m excited to tell you about and log here, but holy geez I’m scared to write that stuff down.  Like J-Hud on Oprah, I feel like I’m having a long awkward moment as I gear up for that post, but I think when I put those numbers down in black and white, I will honestly feel more free.  I’ll be keeping those numbers in my 24-Day Challenge Log, but I’ll be blogging about how I’m feeling every day, and so far, the morning of day 2, I am feeling GREAT.  More soon…

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