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A Life of Perfection

It’s been a long time since I posted anything to my blog and I felt like it was time to get out of my introvert shell again and get back into sharing my thoughts with wonderful you.

Many things have happened in my life since I last wrote.  My husband returned from a year of living away from home.  I moved our family by myself to a home on the Navy base where I work while my husband was at sea.  My oldest son turned 10.  My baby son is about to turn 1.  I ran the Great Aloha Run 2012, the Warrior Dash Hawaii and the Ford Island Bridge Run 10K but I’ve struggled to find the motivation and time to keep up with my daily runs.  I made the decision to, later this year, become a stay at home mom and pursue my entrepreneurial interests.  And last, but certainly not least, my husband and I decided to add another child to our family and by the grace of God, we are expecting her or him to arrive in November of this year.  SO many wonderful things going on, and so many emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges abound.

Not too long ago, I was speaking to a friend and I described my life as feeling like a never ending game of Perfection where you’re constantly resetting the board, flipping the timer on and frantically trying to put the pieces in their proper places only to have the board pop up and blast those pieces onto the table and the floor…and then you start again.  I’ve learned over the last few months as I’ve talked with and observed friends, family members and colleagues, that life is like this a lot of the time. Whether we’re picking Cheerios up off the floor for the 5th time after the baby’s snack, or dragging down that next load of laundry in between helping the kids with homework, or juggling projects at work, or trying to fit in time for our relationships, our fitness or our peace and quiet –  we frantically try to do it all, and even if it all falls apart, we do it all over again.  Human beings are interesting that way.

The funny thing about this game is that it’s called “Perfection” as if getting everything in its proper place is what makes us perfect, but the “fun” of the game is watching those pieces fly out everywhere and frantically trying to put them back together again.  Life is very much that way, except the pieces and the board and the length of the timer change across the ‘seasons’ of our lives. So perhaps a life of “perfection” is not as much about keeping it all together as it is about embracing the challenge of having things fall apart and finding the joy in bringing it all back together again.

As I wrap this up, I’m contemplating a quick 2 mile run, knowing that it will be a little rough but that I need to get myself up and out the door.   And I think that even though this piece of my life has fallen onto the floor, I can pick it up and find the joy in putting it back in one more time.  Ah ha.  Instant perfection.