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Military Spouse of the Year 2014 Nominee, Jamie Muskopf
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Military Spouse of the Year

Happy Tuesday! I hadn’t intended on posting a blog entry on this topic, but I will, and I will keep it short.

My very dear friend, Kit, nominated me for Military Spouse of the Year. I was (and am) very touched that she would think of me and take the time to give a fellow submarine wife (who she welcomed into the submarine spouse organization of which I am now president) a flattering nod. I accepted the nomination thinking it would be a good gesture, but I did so feeling slightly uncomfortable as I have always felt about anything that would put me in a ‘spotlight’ (INTROVERT ALERT!)

Military Spouse of the Year 2014 Nominee Jamie MuskopfYesterday morning when my wonderful friend Kate wrote to congratulate me on this nomination, however, something really clicked in me that this did not have to be about ME – rather, it is an AMAZING opportunity to put the ISSUES I care very deeply about as a military spouse into the spotlight.  How COOL is that?  SO here I am now, writing without fear or shame, to enthusiastically ask for your VOTE for Military Spouse of the Year!

When you read my responses to the questions they asked, know I wasn’t entirely sure who would read what I wrote AND I hadn’t worked through my own ideas enough to think “PLATFORM” or “OPPORTUNITY”! Clearly, however, if you read through it, it was important to me to talk about my passion for total (holistic) health and wellness as it relates to military families and our ability to be “fit”, inside and out, amidst the demands of this lifestyle. It is also very important to me to bring early onset Alzheimer’s into the spotlight as a disease that seems to be brought on by neglecting multiple aspects of everyday wellness (mental, emotional and physical)  and as one of many illnesses that the parents of military members and spouses are faced with, adding another layer of stress to the life of military families. I have noticed over the 3 short years I have been a military spouse that we talk a lot about different, isolated dimensions of wellness and a lot about the struggles of being a spouse and a parent living a military life, and I would like to use the MSOY opportunity to shed some light on other issues that can impact the “fitness” of today’s military families.

So that’s my plea for the “popular” vote in a nutshell. Thank you for ‘listening’ and PLEASE DO VOTE TODAY (public vote is ONE DAY ONLY – JANUARY 21, 2014 Eastern Time) for the nominee that touches your heart most as there are so many spouses making a difference in communities across the world! If you do choose to vote for me and what I stand for by clicking the link below, then clicking the VOTE button and entering your email address, I issue you a heart felt MAHALO. Regardless of the voting outcome, I want you to know this process lit a fire under me to pursue these passions of mine and to work on developing a clarity in myself about how to make a difference in the lives of our military families and ALL families in the field of total health and wellness. Thank you so much to Kit again for the nomination and to those of you who so kindly support it.

Military Spouse of the Year 2014 Nominee, Jamie Muskopf