Well, I’m going to have to do it. My last blog post was titled “Sorry, Not Sorry”, but I’m going to have to say it in this post. I AM SORRY.

If you are Facebook friends with me or follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you very kindly endured posts for the last 18 weeks chronicling the ups and downs of training for my first marathon. And when those 18 weeks were up last Sunday, you powered through the posts that began at 3am Hawaii time as I made my way from a bathroom selfie to downtown Honolulu, to the port-a-potty line, to the start line, past the most amazing friends and inspiring strangers on earth, all the way to a humble and happy finish.

If I looked at you at any time over the last few months, while we were chatting, I was secretly seeing 26.2 on your forehead. I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that, like most of the incredible people who ran a marathon for the first time this weekend, I had a goal and I wasn’t going to quit until I achieved it.

I’m sorry I took my commitment to myself and my training partners seriously and gave up going to parties and having cocktails and other fun stuff with you because I had this marathon on my heart.

I’m sorry because I didn’t necessarily NEED to talk about it so much publicly BUT I needed a way to hold myself accountable and being accountable to YOU made it easier. And harder. So THANK YOU.

THANK YOU for being there online and in real life to cheer me on at every point of progression. To tell me it was okay to feel the way I did but to KEEP GOING when I felt defeated and tired along the way.

THANK YOU for tolerating my sweaty, no make up selfies and random pictures of my feet. I LOVE YOU!

I love you so much that instead of writing a monster recap of life as I’ve known it for the last part of 2015, I’m simply going to share with you 26 brief but important thoughts I had during this year’s Honolulu Marathon. With Photographs.  I humbly give you: MARATHOUGHTS.

Honolulu Marathon 2015
(All Photos by Jamie Muskopf unless credited otherwise. All rights reserved.)

26. Holy CRAP that’s a lot of people!


25. Thank GOD for Sara. I can’t wait to see this girl cross the finish line. Proud of her.



24. No matter what happens, my day is starting with fireworks. That’s pretty freaking amazing. Oh wait, it’s a MORNING fireworks show. Because it’s dark and really early. Sigh.


23. We are never crossing the start mat. Like ever.


22. Don’t stop and take any pictures in the first 13 miles. You’re trying to keep up your goal pace.

21. Mile 7 doing great. But I need to go to the bathroom. I’m screwed.


20. Diamond Head was NOT suppose to be this narrow or congested. I’m SO screwed.

19. THE STROLLER WARRIORS BANNER! A BAMR SIGN! I need to take a picture!!!


18. That sign says Mrs. Muskopf. Wait, that’s ME! ADRIENNE!!! Uncontrolled urge to give a hug and cry for a minute. That was like A MINUTE! Okay I can make up that time later. So worth it.


17. Stop, Stop, Stop!!!! Enjoy this.


16. Mile 11 finally. Still running. OH MY GOD it’s Christy and Chris! And Taylor! And the babies! I need to take a picture! Okay, I can still do this.


15. The people running the opposite direction at their mile 22 are just amazing. AMAZING. But they look tired. Like painful tired. How the hell am I going to run 11 more miles and NOT die? Carry on.

14. Does that Japanese guy in the Minnie Mouse costume on his mile 21 wear that because he likes it or because he wants all of us to feel bad that we’re getting our butts kicked by a guy dressed like Minnie Mouse?

13. Running like hell toward the mat at 13.1. It’s 4 minutes after the time I needed to cross. Well crap, no need to kill myself. Let’s walk for a second. Time to text Brad.

12. Finally in Hawaii Kai. WHY IN THE HELL IS ELSA AHEAD OF ME? Eff that.


11. I have NEVER been so glad to leave Hawaii Kai in ALL MY LIFE.


10. It’s friggin’ Elsa. AHEAD OF ME. AGAIN. This is humiliating.


9. Mile 20. I might die but my family is waiting for me. Time to hustle. OUCH! Okay, not that much hustle.


8. Mile 22 – it’s the Stroller Warriors BAMR squad again! Can’t let Chris’s text to Brad be “Just saw your dying wife roll by”. I can do this!

Photo Credit: Taylor B.

Photo Credit: Taylor B.

7. In Kahala. If I never eat another gel in my LIFE it will be great.  And these ice cold SPONGES are phenomenal. Bless you, volunteer Kokua Crew!

6. Here comes Triangle Park. I’m walking. Can’t even fake it for the SW Crew. Adrienne, walk with me a minute and let me tell you how much I hate Elsa.


5. Top of the Diamond Head incline. Less than 2 miles left. Gravity, let’s do this.

4. Text Brad that you’re coming down the final stretch. Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.


Photo Credit:

2. My phone is going to die. Text Husband “I AM HERE”.


1. My beautiful, beautiful FAMILY!!!!

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