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Spartan Race Trifecta Weekend, Part 1: The Show Must Go On

Today was a shining example of the challenges of Navy life. After weeks of preparing mentally and physically for this crazy undertaking known as the Spartan Race Trifecta (running 3 obstacle course races in 2 days over a distance of about 24+ miles), my husband went to sea for work a day later than scheduled and was suppose to arrive back home early this afternoon. As the Trifecta hooyah continued without him over social media, I continued my day with our kids, enjoying the Made in Hawaii Festival and getting things prepped for tomorrow.

Then 4pm rolls around – no husband. If you are familiar with sub life, or my rants about it, you’ll note that there is no phone communication while underway, particularly in this situation, so I had no idea what was going on, other than something was wrong. Still, I had to decide – go forward as planned no matter what or prepare to go it alone. Thankfully, several of my running sisters and their spouses are going tomorrow and I knew I would not have to be alone (thank you, Stroller Warriors).

I managed dinner, bathtime, puzzle time, story time, bedtime – alone. Then I start the packing. At 9pm, I get a phone call from Brad. He’s back in the office and heading home shortly. Still – would he run? I’d been prepping for both yes and no scenarios.  There are two things that happen as a result of situations like this: 1) You realize you are a bad ass because as a military wife you know the show must go on with or without your spouse and you are prepared to go it alone, and 2) Your stomach turns, your heart aches, you want to kick the Navy in the junk, and you remember your spouse’s life is in danger at sea and that life is TOTALLY out of your control. Us military spouses live, work and play in an emotional Crazy Town day in and day out, but it’s moments like these that I realize I CAN FREAKING DO THIS!

It’s getting close to midnight now and I have a few things to throw in the bag and in the car, but WE are ready, and #teammuskopf will be partnered up tomorrow, hopefully running alongside some fellow BAMRs and their spouses. I’ve never run two races back to back before so my preps are a little crazy. Still debating whether or not I want to wear a hydration pack for the Super tomorrow (to get use to it for the Beast on Sunday), but I’ve got everything I need ready to take with us. As usual, I’m worried I’m not hydrated or carb loaded enough, but the race is on and the anticipation is terrifying and exciting all at once.

All day long I’ve heard encouraging comments to “you’re crazy” comments, and the way I see it, each race has a beginning and an end. I’m excited that I don’t know what’s waiting for us out on the course.  All I know is, I’m in control of my pace and level of exertion and ultimately I will conquer the course before it conquers me. Most people look at the Spartan Race as a test of physical fitness and it most certainly is, but it’s also a test of mental fortitude. If you believe you can, you will, and I know we will finish each of these 3 races alive (lol) and together.

If you and your spouse love being active, challenging yourselves and want to try a Spartan Race, I am so pleased to offer you an opportunity to win, courtesy of the Spartan Race (Mahalo, Dan!), a free entry to any Spartan Race in the continental US in 2014. Spartan Race is also giving away an AMAZING opportunity to #SpartanUP at SEA (hooyah!) in March 2015 aboard the Spartan Cruise! SO EXCITING! Check out My Giveaways page for more information and to enter BOTH drawings TODAY!


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