Not All Who Wander Are Lost
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Not All Who Wander Are Lost

My alarm went off at 4:20 a.m. today. It’s Sunday and my husband needed to make his way down the road to his office where a cab was scheduled to take him and his coworkers to the airport at 4:40 a.m. He was, thankfully, up and about, so I lay back down, only to sit up again and realize that he was, perhaps, running a little behind. I suddenly found myself, keys in hand then in the ignition, saving him the 10 minute walk in the rain (okay, maybe a drizzle), kissing him by the glow of the dashboard light (hail Meatloaf), and back home again in about 5 minutes flat.

I didn’t go back to bed of course.  Instead I read the early morning Facebook updates from our mainland friends and family and the Hawaii early risers. It was there I came across a commercial – a teaser film they call it – courtesy of Apple. And I cried. [You can view it here:]

The web copy on the teaser reads:

Travel writer Cherie King has canoed down the Amazon River, eaten coal-roasted lobster in Ghana, and visited an underground salt mine in Austria.

This chick is awesome I thought. Then…

With her passion for adventure and her iPad Air, King travels the globe and inspires other deaf people to do the same.

Now she is my hero.

So why the tears? Because sometimes while I run pushing my double wide stroller or load the kids into the car cart in the commissary, I long for that “uber premier airline mileage plus you’re awesome” status I held not so long ago. I am SO excited for my husband’s travels (which will be a regular part of his shore duty job) and I plan to live vicariously through him while I hold down the fort as the chief operations officer (aka the lady who makes sure the house doesn’t burn down and kids don’t shoot their eyes out) for Team Muskopf. But I am SO jealous of him, and I told him so.

Working for the Navy (and well before that), I was a frequent traveler, often making 2 or more trips a month (may not sound big but EVERYWHERE from Hawaii is a minimum 5 hour flight). When I was just leaving college and in the broke years immediately following, I took advantage of the privileges I had as the child of airline employees and I flew (first class, many times) everywhere I could. New York and San Francisco were my favorite destinations then. Soon it was a honeymoon in London and Paris, a dirt cheap trip to Peru, road trips to Mexico, more adventures in the U.S. than I can count, and Vancouver B.C. while VERY pregnant with my first child.  When the Navy got a hold of me, it was Japan, Korea, Australia, D.C., San Antonio, aircraft carriers in the middle of the ocean, and the list goes on. I LOVE TO TRAVEL. I loved to write about my travels. I might be an airport addict and don’t get me started on hotels. Ahhh, that is the life. But back to this morning…

In the 5 hours it took my husband to fly from Honolulu to LAX, our 3 year old destroyed everything he could in our house while I went to the bathroom upstairs (because hey the downstairs potty is busted A-GAIN) and our 1 year old followed merrily along. As I sat there scrubbing the permanent green marker off the wall with the greatest invention of the modern era, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser, all I could think of was enjoying a way too small styrofoam cup of tea that tastes like coffee and the flight attendant not hearing that I said I wanted sugar. Those awesome snack mixes and cocktail napkins that fall on the floor where you can’t reach. The obnoxious guy in front of you that reclines his chair the second he sits down crushing your knees also jacking up the angle of your in flight entertainment screen.  And sleeping on those wonderfully scratchy pillows while you doze off to the sound coming out of only one side of your headset because the contacts are shot. “Oh, that Brad”, I thought. “He’s living the life.”

Then I sat back and looked at where I was in the moment and it occured to me after a half hour of sitting on the floor that I am presented with other opportunities for adventure daily – no frequent flyer miles required. The romps through our back field looking for flowers and climbing trees with my kiddos. The treks around the island in search of a great playground and a farm fresh meal. The constant pick up game that is Playdoh and crayons and puzzle pieces and snacks. This is my life’s adventure now, and in time, I will be able to jump on those Space A flights with my children when they’re of the right age and explore the world with THEIR open minds, eyes, ears and hearts by my side. And WE can write about it.

Until then, if I had time to make a teaser film about my current adventures, it would probably be full of blurs, whirs, twirls, screams, whining, crying, and laughter, and the web copy would read:

Never-Stays-Still-At-Home Mom Jamie Muskopf has canoed down the Madre de Dios River in the Peruvian Amazon, enjoyed poutine in Stanley Park, has landed on and been launched off of 2 aircraft carriers while working as a civilian for the US Navy. In 2010, she traded UP from that life of solo travel, married her best friend, Brad, and now explores the world at home and abroad with their 3 children in what is indeed the greatest adventure of her lifetime.

My Current Adventure

Sorry, no teaser film. Or iPad Air. Just 2 littles, 1 big, and the best husband on the planet.

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